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Sanitation and Disinfecting Service

At A&C EcoSolutions, we are a Georgia based, Veteran owned company, we provide sanitation and disinfecting services that will make sure your residential or commercial environment is a safe place for your employees and customers as well and your family members in your homes.

Having a traditional “cleaning company” is not enough anymore!

We provide a full site decontamination, disinfection, antimicrobial treatment, carpet disinfection and sanitizing treatment of all high-frequency touch surfaces or objects.

Our EPA-registered disinfectant is not only effective in killing viruses and other infectious microbes but it inhibits infected cells on your surfaces from surviving, thriving and re-colonizing on surfaces.

We are well-equipped with the latest sanitation and disinfectant solution that can kills 99.99% plus viruses to include Covid-19.

What we do helps to mitigate the spread of the virus. The solution we use is EPA registered and CDC recognized it has a 3-5 minute kill time.

Our priority is your safety and our goal is to give our customers our very best service, because you deserve the best. We are here to help you fight this deadly virus.

We service middle Georgia as well as surrounding areas and we will travel from state to state if we need to in order to help fight this fight together. If we stand united we shall over come this together. We go where we are needed, to help where we can.


Our goal at A&C EcoSolutions is to do whatever it takes to get the job done as safe and efficiently as possible.  

Safety is paramount when it comes to our daily operations. We will never jeopardize the safety of our associates or our clients. We pride ourselves in putting security measures in place to protect our associates as well as the clients we serve.  

Loyalty, Integrity, and Commitment is what we embody at A&C EcoSolutions. We promote Loyalty to the business; promote Integrity on and off the job and our Commitment to deliver effective and efficient service to our clients.

Give us a call at 478-954-5196 let us know what you need, and we will be there to serve you. Our prices are affordable and your safety is our priority.


A&C EcoSolutions, we help sanitize and disinfect the world to help keep you safe.

Sanitation Services

A&C EcoSolutions has been identified as an essential business because of the type of service we provide our customers. Not only does the solution we use Sanitizes and disinfects it also help with eliminating odor and it leaves a nice scent in the air leaving the place that we spray smelling fresh and clean. That is why we sanitize and disinfect homes, vehicles, we can sanitize anything.

Due to the recent virus outbreak of Covid-19 we have strengthened our disinfection protocols and our solution can kill 99.99% of viruses and germs to include Covid-19 as stated before.


It is EPA registered and CDC recognized and it is one of the top disinfectant products out in the market. It is non toxic, non corrosive, botanical. It is safe for humans and pets and can be used in any environment, i.e. churches, restaurants, daycares, buses, cars and in homes just to name a few. We service commercial and residential.

We provide a variety of sanitation services, from simple jobs to large jobs no job is too small or too large that we can handle. We focus on providing successful and dependable ecological services for our customers. Our team is experienced, and features committed experts determined to provide you with the best and most reliable sanitation and disinfecting service possible, not just for you now but for generations to come.

We are prepared for future pandemics and our disinfecting and sanitation protocols are built in a way that will also address future pandemics should they were to arise.  

Call and make your appointment with us, our prices are affordable, and we will match or beat any of our competitors prices. 

We take pride in what we do, and you can count on us at A&C EcoSolutions.

Sanitation and Disinfecting Protocols

When looking to meet all the relevant health and safety standards for your business or home, it’s important that you get some quality advice from one of our sanitation experts. We offer full-servicing of your building or home, to help locate any unsanisanitary areas or issues as well as instructions in treatment methods and how to approach the issuse to ensure your business or home is properly disinfected and sanitized, and free from any harmful bacterial. Our snaitationsea&C EcoSolutions will be there to help our clients deal with whatever they are facing when it comes to making sure their environment is safe. Call and we will be there for you.

Our sanitation and disinfec6ing protocols are very strict and stringent and the solution we use is a 4vstarcrated product and it kills 99.99% of viruses to include Covid-19 and putvprotocolsbin place to help mitigate the spread of viruses.

A&C EcoSolutions will be there to help our clients deal with whatever they are facing when it comes to making sure their environment is safe. Call and we will be there for you.

Industries We Service Include:

  • Retail Locations : Stores, boutiques and outlets requires specialized attention which A&C EcoSolutions is uniquely prepared to disinfect. 
  • Gyms / Fitness Centers: Fitness centers can be a perfect habitat for germs to flourish. With the hot, humid environment and the large number of people moving around, it is easy for pathogens to be passed around.
  • Office Buildings: Office buildings contain large amounts of people for long period of time. A thorough germ disinfecting of the space can sanitize your office space and provide a healthy, clean environment. 
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Community Centers / Churches


Though A&C EcoSolutions follows protocols promulgated by the Center for Disease Control Prevention, there is no testing that exists to ensure total elimination of the coronavirus. A&C EcoSooutions guarantees that its sanitation and disinfecting protocol will help to mitigate the spread and threat of viruses to include Covid-19. However, it cannot guarantee 100% certainty the total eradication of it.



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I just want to say that when A&C Ecosolutions came to my home they were very professional and they made us feel safe, they knew what they were doing. When they finished sanitizing and disinfecing …

Zeno, Atlanta, GA.


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All services
Sanitation & Disinfecting

Sanitation & Disinfecting


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